Dating Scams – Directly from FBI Website

There have been many articles and stories recently of women who get caught up in these scams.  They are trusting.  Maybe a bit lonely.  Don’t be.  Always listen to your gut.  Especially listen to your head – not your heart.  If someone is asking for money, do not, under any circumstances send money.  Not one cent.  Women have been scammed out of thousands and thousands of dollars by men that tell them incredible stories and they haven’t so much as met yet!  Don’t do it!  Please heed the advise in this FBI article.


About lindalspreeman

Linda L Spreeman is a long time resident in King of Prussia, PA. Linda Spreeman is devoted to her family, her daughters and granddaughters. Professionally, Linda is employed as an Executive Administrator. Her personal motto is "Making Management Shine!" Linda donates her time to the community as an elected member of her Homeowners Association Board of Directors in a volunteer role. Linda Spreeman enjoys the music of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, snow skiing, sailing, Scrabble, baking, and her "Happy Place" is Ocean City, NJ.
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