#Top Ten Things I do on Vacation# – #Probably a Beach Somewhere#

Top 10 Things I do on Vacation – Probably at a Beach Somewhere

  1. Dodge the rain. Seriously. I dodge the rain. This has happened ever since I was a baby. I don’t go on a lot of vacations, but the 2 out of 3 cruises I was on, it rained 30% of the time. Unusual they said. Not really. It’s my karma. I’ve had to leave a rented beach house due to evacuation (of the entire town, no less) from a Hurricane. The best scenario is one day of rain. An entire week of good weather? HaHaHaHaHa.
  2. Read a book. And it takes me a LONG time to find the perfect book. No love stories. Because, you see, vacation to me, is also a vacation from TV. So getting buried mentally into a book, is a great vacation. Plus the book doesn’t care if it’s raining out.
  3. If I’m lucky enough to me near a beach, then I’m lucky enough to watch the awesome wonder of the waves, the incredible sound of the crashing surf, and the powerful magnitude and respect it deserves.
  4. If I’m lucky enough to be at #3 above, then I’m fortunate to walk with the incredible feel of sand as it envelopes my feet and marvel at how it reacts to the hot sun and cool evenings. It’s a remarkable creature, the sand. It creates incredible sculptures when coupled with its partner the ocean. It creates wonderful little gullies and dangerous, yet enticing, sandbars. It is beautiful, it is fun. But with its beach co-inhabitant, can be oh so dangerous.
  5. Assuming I’m still at #3 above, collect really incredible shells. This is where those rainy days and storms come in handy (every cloud has a silver lining!). Typically the ocean yields wonderfully unique shells as a result of the storm and churning.
  6. Build wonderful drip sandcastles either by myself or with my daughters and granddaughters. It’s amazing the creative structures that can be designed with elaborate steeples with moats and intricate waterways. The imagination can be ignited with wonderful stories and creativity. Don’t underestimate the value of sandcastle building, no matter what your chronological age is, and where you are at in life.
  7. Go to an Inlet. Preferably not a popular inlet. An inlet that is, well, not maintained as a State Park. These are the best kind. Typically the beach is incredibly big with dunes that appear haphazardly placed by nature. Sometimes there are gullies in the middle of the gigantic beach. Logistically I know how mother nature managed to create that phenomenon but mentally it’s sometimes a challenge to wrap my head around it located so far from the ocean. The magnificence of the incredible power where the ocean meets the bay is a beautiful sight to behold, but one that reminds me how powerful that beauty is, and that the dangerous currents are why swimming is best left to – well – no one in that area. But it’s a peaceful area, nonetheless, albeit one that demands respect.
  8. Eat Ice Cream. Where else is Ice Cream such a delicacy and treated with such wonderful, enjoyable taste bud splendor than at a resort somewhere? Pretty much anywhere. The same Ice Cream can be dispensed at home, but it just doesn’t taste the same (even if it is the same), nor carry with it any special memories.
  9. Have wonderful meals. Splurging for a few meals is a real treat. When I go back home I can still have the enjoyable bowl of cream of wheat, grilled cheese and/or any other “delight” I can manage to create on my stove top. But that exquisitely prepared seafood meal in a restaurant – worth every delicious bite!
  10. Spending time with my loved ones. This cannot be explained in any way other than lovingly beautiful. To my dying day I will cherish the memories of my children, and grandchildren, climbing into my lap, placing their head on my shoulders, and falling asleep amongst the sand, the warmth of the afternoon sun, the sound of the ocean pounding the shore and the happy sounds of life being lived and loved.IMG_20150915_141440

About lindalspreeman

Linda L Spreeman is a long time resident in King of Prussia, PA. Linda Spreeman is devoted to her family, her daughters and granddaughters. Professionally, Linda is employed as an Executive Administrator. Her personal motto is "Making Management Shine!" Linda donates her time to the community as an elected member of her Homeowners Association Board of Directors in a volunteer role. Linda Spreeman enjoys the music of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, snow skiing, sailing, Scrabble, baking, and her "Happy Place" is Ocean City, NJ.
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