#Tell me List# – #Seasonal Magic# – by Linda Spreeman

  1. Tell me about the wonder and genuine happiness as my preschool granddaughter is so proud to perform her show about the baby Jesus.
  2. Tell me about the wonder of the young man standing in the bitter cold and rainy elements, next to a red kettle….that young man with a big smile and contagious cheerfulness.
  3. Tell me about the snowflakes on trees at church and work with “wishes” of those less fortunate.  The item some folks are asking for are pretty basic – a pair of shoes, warm hat & gloves, a coat, diapers for the baby.
  4. Tell me about the generosity of everyone donating canned goods and non-perishables to food banks everywhere where grateful folks can feed their families.
  5. Tell me about the random kindness of people in line at retail stores sharing their coupons to folks who, although they have coupons, don’t work for whatever reason.  Those extra dollars saved can be played forward in many positive ways.
  6. Tell me about the commercialism of the “holidays” and how the meaning for the season is not retail sales forecast and whether or not the projected figure was satisfactorily met and/or exceeded.
  7. Tell me about the magic of beautiful lights that adorn many houses and businesses.
  8. Tell me about the magic of the humble manger proudly displayed conveying the birth in such a symbolic fashion.
  9. Tell me about the magic of the birth of baby Jesus, and his life, is an incredible miracle and story based on genuine love.
  10. Tell me about —- #what is yours#?  Please feel free to comment.



About lindalspreeman

Linda L Spreeman is a long time resident in King of Prussia, PA. Linda Spreeman is devoted to her family, her daughters and granddaughters. Professionally, Linda is employed as an Executive Administrator. Her personal motto is "Making Management Shine!" Linda donates her time to the community as an elected member of her Homeowners Association Board of Directors in a volunteer role. Linda Spreeman enjoys the music of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, snow skiing, sailing, Scrabble, baking, and her "Happy Place" is Ocean City, NJ.
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