#Who am I, 16 Jan 2016

#Who am I, 16 Jan 2016

Today I am a Cheer Competition attendee in Reading, PA.

My three granddaughters are on a competition cheer squad and they all compete on their own separate teams.  Well, not my oldest granddaughter, as she is recovering from a broken arm and is still wearing a brace so she is out for another month and a half.

It is truly amazing watching them and their athletic abilities.  I am so proud of all the work that goes into their fabulous routines and the level of difficulty is exceptional.

Both of my own daughters were cheerleaders for the school teams.  It is an exceptional sport that builds tremendous pride in terms of teamwork, spirit and athletic abilities.  The competitive nature of the sport is evident at competitions, yet the pride at being part of a squad is even more prominent.

The competitions can be held all over the geographic area.  Today, the location is close, a 30 minute drive.  The event opens at 12:00 pm with awards at 7:30 pm.

#Go Heat!

Love You!








About lindalspreeman

Linda L Spreeman is a long time resident in King of Prussia, PA. Linda Spreeman is devoted to her family, her daughters and granddaughters. Professionally, Linda is employed as an Executive Administrator. Her personal motto is "Making Management Shine!" Linda donates her time to the community as an elected member of her Homeowners Association Board of Directors in a volunteer role. Linda Spreeman enjoys the music of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, snow skiing, sailing, Scrabble, baking, and her "Happy Place" is Ocean City, NJ.
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